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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Still Here, But No One Is Talking

Remember when avian flu was rearing to be the next great pandemic? Well, it still may be, but as I contended, as it stands right now it has gone the way of the other public health media freakouts. At least as far as the media coverage is concerned.


Anonymous said...

As I mentioned at this blog once before, if you are really interested in spam free and focused news, related only to the bird flu virus, (which is growing this year, at twice the rate that it did last year) then log on to the following serious news and blog sites:

A cynical blogger's site:

or,our site:

or one of the best analyses sites:

The truth is out there and we can point it out to you if you really want to know.

12:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug, but the complete URL for my H5N1 site is

Cheers from Vancouver,
Crawford Kilian

5:42 PM  

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