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Saturday, August 05, 2006

More on Doping

ESPN Cycling has an interview with a World Anti Doping Agency doctor who talks about testing and testosterone. It is about a week old but answers some questions.
[Testosterone is] certainly not one of the first-line drugs one thinks of for racing. Steroids can increase strength and improve recovery time and prevent the breakdown of muscle, maybe make him more assertive and aggressive. All of those could have some positive attribute. But most steroids are given in cycles [6-12 weeks] and in context of working out in a gym with weights. It makes no sense to me why an athlete would take testosterone the day of a race when it doesn't work that way. It doesn't make sense in terms of the pharmacology of the drug, and it really doesn't have the attributes that would be attractive to a cyclist -- particularly one running the risk of violating anti-doping regulations.


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Contrary to popular knowledge , Testosterone can be naturally raised with certain lifestyle changes. I think there was some testings on atheletes that showed unusual test levels however they were not doping. So either testing frequency should be organized better or research.

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