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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Off Topic Trojans Get Creamed In The Draft

As I've mentioned Reggie Bush got sucker punched in a Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan kind've moment for the Houston Texans. Matt Leinart (a potential Top 3 pick) fell all the way to #10 and late in the third round Dominique Byrd and Darnell Bing (once scouted as a potential first rounder) still have not gone.

The other Trojans who haven't gone are a little more understandable.

The draft picks so far are:

Reggie Bush - 1st Round, 2nd Pick - New Orleans Saints
Matt Leinart - 1st Round, 10th Pick - Arizona Cardinals
Winston Justice - 2nd Round, 7th Pick - Philadelphia Eagles
Deuce Lutui - 2nd Round, 9th Pick - Arizona Cardinals
Lendale White - 2nd Round, 13th Pick - Tennessee Titans
Dominique Byrd - Should've been second round
Darnell Bing - Sould've been second round


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