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Monday, February 06, 2006

More Walk In Clinics

Some Publix Super Markets in Florida are getting their own walk in clinics.

Publix joins a growing list of chain retailers - Wal-Mart discount stores, CVS drugstores and Albertsons supermarkets - venturing into the health care arena by signing up pilot deals for mini-clinics. The bigger ones go by such names as RediClinic, Take Care and Minute Clinic, which uses the slogan: "You're sick. We're quick."

The latest spin on the old doc-in-the-box, walk-in clinic, mini-clinics are even more spartan. They accept Medicare cases, but are not designed strictly for the uninsured. Many negotiated with health insurance companies to be low-cost alternatives that feature lures such as $5 co-payments. Many claim doctors charge two to three times as much for the same services.


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