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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ebola Vaccine

A vaccine for the Ebola Virus has completed initial safety screening in humans. I wonder what it would be like to be one of those 21 participants and what type of safety risks they actually face.


Blogger Bob said...

From the article it doesn't look like they'd be at too much risk of getting Ebola from the vaccine. Probably just the usual "side effects may range from minor itching at the injection site to acute hemolytic uremia, brain fever, and looking like Michael Jackson" (yes, there are some fates worse than death!). Would I want to be in that first group? Uhh, probably not.

I think the CNN article slightly mis-states something, though. If I recall correctly, Ebola is highly contagious but not easily communicable - you have to come in contact with the blood or fluids of an infected person, as happens in some of the funeral rituals in the areas where Ebola has been a problem, but would be far less of a factor in those areas where someone may want to use Ebola as a bioweapon. The research is still worthwhile, but I'm not sure playing up the bioweapon angle is anything more than puff.

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