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Friday, February 24, 2006

Don't Ask About Guns

In Virginia it may soon become illegal for pediatricians to ask parents about gun ownership or provide unsolicited counsel to parents on gun safety. Is this for real?

I am for broad gun ownership protections but this has nothing to do with firearm rights. This has to do with free speech protections and the fact that guns really do cause injuries, none of which are more tragic than when it involves a child.

If gun owners with children are really that offended they should find new pediatric care or new insurance that allows them to choose another pediatrician.

H/T Kevin, MD


Blogger Bob said...

So far our pediatrician (ARNP, actually, but everyone calls him "Dr Paul" anyway) hasn't asked my wife or me about guns in the home. Maybe because our young 'un is only 10 months. Maybe it's because my wife is a deputy sheriff, she's worn her weapon to more than one baby appointment, and Dr Paul figures we know to keep the guns locked up, away from kids, etc.

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