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Saturday, August 13, 2005


Sometimes it is hard to separate your own personal experience with studies and facts. Accutane was a wonder drug for me, I loved it, it was simply put amazing. However, the FDA is imposing new restrictions on the drug for fear of neurological changes in users (and birth defects in pregnant women who take it).


Anonymous Accutane Prescription Medication said...

My name is Amanda Nourse and i would like to show you my personal experience with Accutane.

I have taken for 6 days. I am 27 years old. My dermatoglogist put me back on Accutane partially because Klaron, Rentin A, & Doxycyclin were NOT working....I have been on Accutane before about 7 years ago so not too concerned about the side effects. With my previous run on this medicine I didn't have the severe back aches. I will say I did have tons of issues registering with the IPledge website...all too confusing all to combersome! Didn't have to do that 7 years ago. Since this is my 2nd go round I can say that for me there were no depression issues because my skin looks awesome ...tons of compliments. As with all things once I stop so will the side effects. This medication is obviously for those with severe acne so you should certainly weigh the pros vs. the cons...for me I didn't think twice...

Side Effects :
I've been on Acutane for 6 days now & I will say my back is aching terribly & my lips are DRY!

I hope this information will be useful to others,
Amanda Nourse

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